For sale - Administrative, commercial, warehouse complex

Fully occupied, well-established three-year new construction of a modern multifunctional building in the southern part of Trnava. Established industrial zone. Excellent access to the city center and connection to the highway. Investment with an annual yield of about 5.80%. 








 2622 sqm


2.250.000,- EUR without VAT

Total area: 2622 m2

Ground floor warehouses in halls with accessories (toilets, showers, changing rooms,) = a total of 524.2 sqm
Ground floor commercial and administrative part with accessories (toilets, showers, changing rooms, kitchen, corridors) = a total of 462.8 m2 of which retail space 386.4 m2

First floor administrative building with accessories (toilets, showers, changing rooms, kitchen, hallways, utility room) = a total of 428.4 m2, of which offices 324.4 m2.
Paved areas, parking lots and gardens 1647.3 m2.

Administrative building

Ground floor from the west entrance: staircase, side entrance, men's, women's toilet, shower, kitchenette, behind the staircase with glazed partitions divided into commercial / office / customer premises with access from a fenced parking lot.

In the middle part to the commercial / office / customer premises with access from the fenced parking lot, also from the street part with its own women's and men's toilets.

In the back of the business / office / customer space with access from the street with its own women's and men's toilets.

Commercial / office / customer premises can vary the number of operations (1 to 5), as well as the size, for spaces from 30 m2, up to 350 m2.

Monthly rent: 11 EUR / m2 + VAT + energy

Floor: staircase, in the right half a central corridor dividing the spaces into left and right part, in the lower left part of the women's and men's halls, toilets and showers, 11 offices with an area from 11.7 m2 to 23.5 m2 equipped with air conditioning / climate preparation , with security and fire equipment, electronic intercom, own consumption meters ... (office orientation, left northeast, right southwest).

In the back, a separate entrance via an external staircase, utility room, room for cleaning service, kitchen, separate women's and men's toilets, currently 110 m2 large fully equipped gym with gym, fitness equipment. (separate chip entry / card 3 EUR / entry).

Total office space: 212 m2

Monthly rent: 9 EUR / m2 + VAT + energy

Warehouse with office

Access from the indoor parking lot, the possibility of access by trucks, layout: office / storage space, behind them a warehouse with an area of 72 m2, with access to the side areas to the street and women's and men's toilets, showers.

Gate: 3.4 m x 3.4 m

Monthly rent: 5 eur / m2

Warehouse hall

Hall height 7 m, good access to trucks from the indoor parking lot, warehouse area 18 m x 20 m.

Equipment: steel load-bearing structures, external walls - mineral panels

Gate: 3.4 m x 3.4 m

Parking lot

Internal: fenced parking lot is also used for delivery and distribution of goods to all parts of the area, sufficient space for trucks,

Currently 18 parking spaces

electronically controlled gateway

Outside: on the street side, currently 7 parking spaces

Monthly rent: 35 EUR / place


A well-established 3-year-old new L-shaped multifunctional building

Office building built of brick, plastic windows and doors, aluminum part, plasterboard interior partitions, ceiling climate

security electronic and security system, telephone control, fire detector, camera system, alarm

Engineering networks and equipment

Electricity, gas, water, paved areas, armored floor for forklifts, layered concrete in the outdoor parking lot


The building is located in the southern part of Trnava, in a modern newly built industrial part, near the older industrial part (BOGE, SACHS, Johns Manville, TAZ) with excellent access to the city center and connection to the highway.


Current occupancy: 100%

Rental income

10,900 EUR / month x 12 = 130,800 EUR / year