Polyfunctional complex, Vráble, Nitra region

Established multifunctional non-residential complex with a rich history in the center of Vráble, Nitra region. The excellent location, the proximity of the Žitava residential areal, the functioning area with tenants and the large plot of land in the city center make this offer a suitable investment opportunity. The object consists of four buildings, built on land with a total area of ​​2,884 sqm, which form a complex, passable from two streets (Hlavná - from east and Žitavská - from west) with a covered entrance.


Vráble, Nitra region






Total built-up area: 2,884 m2 (of which 1,300 m2 inner courtyard)

Total usable area: 1,330 m2


970.000,- EUR

The building from the turn of the 1920s and 1930s (1930, not NKP) is of a brick construction, partly basement, mostly with a gabled roof.



In the 90's, the individual parts were reconstructed (roof, windows, doors, central heating (5 gas boilers) .In recent years, a new facade was made with a new metal gate and some interiors were reconstructed.


The complex consists of a set of buildings:

Building No.1

Building for trade and services

- reconstruction 2007

- saddle roof

- Interpretation and entrance from the main street

- shop, sanitary facilities, storage space

Cafe and bar:

- reconstruction 2009 (roofing, interiors, windows, doors, floors)

- saddle roof

- entrance from the gate

- bar, room, cafe, bathroom (accessible from the outside), storage space


- a shelter in the yard inside the building

Building No.2 - basement and partly high ceilings, representative building with decorative elements

Beauty salon

- Orientation to the street, access from the gate by stairs

- saddle roof

- complete reconstruction

- reception, room, bathroom, storage space, staff space

Basement - Pub and bar - entrance from the yard by concrete stairs

- pub, playroom, sanitary facilities, storage room, technical room

Service areas: - access from the courtyard - gallery

- 3 separate spaces

Building No.3 - access from the courtyard, from Žitavská ul.

Carpentry workshop - counter roof

- carpentry workshop, office, electrical workshop and 2 storage rooms

- partial reconstruction

Octáreň - a two-storey building with a three-storey tower part

- countertop roof

- built-in brick garage

- partial reconstruction

Building No. 4 - access from the courtyard, from Žitavská ul.

- Height of a two-storey building

Saddle roof

- Two work halls with a height of 5 m, two-storey part

- administrative and sanitary premises

- Partial reconstruction


- fenced

- flat

- the total area consists of 5 plots

- all utilities (sewage, drinking water, electricity

- Access from Hlavná street through the gate

- Access from Žitavská by car and freight


- Complete civic amenities in the area (shops, restaurants, offices, etc.)

- Good visibility

- Crossing of pedestrian customers through the complex, near the Zittau housing estate

Nitra - 20 km, Zlaté Moravce - 20 km, Levice - 27 km